My Awesome Squirrel.

As some of you know I had saved a squirrel from one of my outside cats.I had wonderful plans of letting him into the wild.But it turns out the accident left his little hand cripple.My mother and I planed on taking him to a wildlife refuge.They said on the phone they would take him but we couldn’t ever have him back and couldn’t see him ect.Upon hearing that I started to cry like a small child.I guess I got a little attached to him and so did my mother.I was scared if he was very hurt like had to have a hand removed they would put him to sleep or something.Since he can’t go back out into the wild we just said to hell with it and he’s a house pet now.As if I don’t have enough but he’s really not a prob.He can thankfully still climb.I put him a crappy board I had outside in the room we keep him in.He lives in a little cage “right now it’s a clear big Tupperware thing like you put clothes in.Because I tried putting him in a decent size bird cage and he got really scared because I think he felt to out in the open.Now that I’m working with him more I have a little dog kennel thing I plan on putting him in.And he gets to run around the work room all day when I’m working.He’s doing awesome and he’s also getting fat.He was very thin when we got him.
Mr Winklehimer Smith on his crappy “climbing board”.He as of yesterday has a tree limb I cut down and drug into the house for him to play on.
*Update* Aug 3/11 I found out HE was a SHE and she is doing amazing.She runs loose in my work room and has gotten super spoiled.
Everybody asks how I got a pet squirrel.I was standing at the kitchen window doing dishes or something and I saw a baby squirrel climb down the tree.This really foul stray cat we take care of was looking at it.So I banged on the window which usually the big squirrels know it means to run back up the tree.Well I guess because she was so little she was stunned.Before my eyes I saw Mr Rat pick her off the tree by the arm.I ran outside in my boxer short pj’s to get her out Mr Rat’s mouth.He had her by the arm I tried doing the thing where you put your fingers in the back of their jaw where they had no teeth,I tried grabbing the back of his neck,I tried jiggling him.So Finally a combo of all 3 got him to let her go.She fell out of his mouth and I though she was dead but I saw her breathing.I grabbed her bare handed and just ran to the porch yelling pleaseeeeeee don’t bite meeeeeee!!!!But she was so stunned she didn’t even move.I put her in a cardboard box and bought her into the house.We hand fed her like a baby and gave her some kitty infection meds we knew you could to give to a kitten so we gave her that.And that was the Sat before easter 2011 and she hasn’t left since.

~ by Ugly Shyla on May 31, 2011.

5 Responses to “My Awesome Squirrel.”

  1. Thats good, Cats can be sneaky little bastards.
    My cats where always stalking my bunnys, Until they bit back.

  2. I just love you.

  3. He is so cute, he is lucky to live with you.

    But are the cats pleased with him ?

    • The cats are slowly being introduced to him.I let Grumpy and Panda in there with him while I hold them to look at him.So they will get used to him.I wouldn’t let any of them around him when he’s loose without me around.Mr Manxy is totally cool about him.Manxy sits on my work desk and just watches him run around but Krampus Lamb is being a monster!He tries to grab the squirrel under the door when I let the squirrel run around.And the Pugs aren’t allowed in there even when he’s caged up.Pugs are just pure evil in wiggly furry form.LOL

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