Discontentment Mannequin Art Torso By Ugly Shyla

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Image and design 2011 Uglyart.net/uglyshyla
Piece expresses the discontentment we sometimes feel when we feel stuck in situations in life.She is life size and is painted.She has molded finger waves hair and a shawl made of vintage lace which was hand sewn and tailored.I have been repainting mannequins since the early 2000’s and doing dolls in this painting style since 1996 so I know what I’m doing and she’s painted to last a lifetime.Her blue icy heart comes open and you can see a note inside.She has a tear of human blood on her right eye.Price includes shipping within the USA if you are a buyer outside of the USA please contact me for shipping prices.
MEDIUM:A vintage mannequin torso,paint,doll eyes,human blood,paper,
COSTUME: Vintage black lace.
SIZE: 26 x 13 inches.

About Me: My name is Ugly Shyla and I have been making dolls under the name Ugly Art Dolls since 1996.My dolls have been featured on various website and have appeared in print things like John Santerineross’ photography book Dream,and also Bizarre Magazine,SPIN and Lollipop Magazine,Huffington Post and Haute Macabre. They have been displayed in galleries,art shows and in the St.Elizabeth’s Doll Museum. They also have been used in props in photos by John Santerineross, Kattaryna Breaux,Caleb Storms and The Joker,Saryn Angel. My main inspiration for my art dolls and other art is drawn from imagery captured within my dreams,and my artwork is also influenced by religious,spiritual and occult imagery. My dolls are what is known as fine art dolls; they are not children’s toys. Some of the subject matter dealt with in my work is very serious, and the dolls are also too delicate to be handled by small children.
Art Doll, mourning funeral art, gothic goth dark, depressing sculpture, tattered death dead, surreal broken, strange weird odd, ugly art dolls human, horror fantasy mori,corpse spooky, creepy monster ghost, decayed grim, horror prop, life size,ugly shyla,art with dolls,installation,ugly dolls,high end,surrealism,zombie,

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~ by Ugly Shyla on June 29, 2011.

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