So I was thinking about learning to tattoo …

Then the proverbial shit hit the fan.I’m always shocked at how sometimes me saying the most innocuous thing can cause a total shit storm.
Awhile back I posted saying I wanted to find somebody to apprentice me to tattoo.I have been studding about it for a little bit and practicing on faux skin,oranges anything none living that I can’t hurt of fuck up.
I wanted to learn basic things like how outlines and shading was done before I bugged anybody to apprentice me,I understand time is money and I didn’t want to force some tattoo artist that was busting their ass to earn a living to sit and have to hold my hand for ever step.Why should they have to sit there and tell/show me how to do say a blood line or fix a broken machine when I could learn these type of things in books.I wanted to learn as much as I could from reading and studding so I could concentrate on having a person show me the really important things like how deep to set the needle and how to sterilize things properly.And again I would focus on working on fake skin ect till I was totally confidant in my abilities to not screw up somebody’s skin.I assumed people would understand I’m not a total moron because I have been a professional artist for well over 10 years.I started doing dolls professionally at 19 when most people are running around with their friends getting into trouble.I didn’t think this was a horrible inflammatory thing to talk about learning to tattoo.Boy was I wrong.This HUGE drama broke out on FB which you can see here
if you have the spare time to read the almost 200 comments of people being dicks to me and myself and my friends *and in some cases people who don’t even know me who couldn’t understand WHY I was being screeched at* taking up for me.One of the tattoo artist I hired most recently to do a tattoo on me even insulted and tried to puff up at me.When I was nothing but nice to him since I hired him to do the tattoo.It was insanity and I also got the feeling allot of females aren’t welcome as tattoo artist.
I’m beyond disappointed with the behavior of some of the tattoo community.
This is all well and good but I’d like to know how much the high and mighty tattoo gods that are pissed off me have helped people with their art?And you know what no matter if you are a doll artist,tattoo artist,stripper or what.To me what matters most is you decent behavior as a human being.Not how good you are at trying to scare away competition.What stands out to me more is not if the tattoo artist that I had hired which tore into me because I was talking about learning to tattoo has had a apprenticeship or not,but that he lied to,and was rude to me who wasn’t only a CLIENT of his but also had been nothing but nice to him.So to the little wanna be tattoo Gods keeping your little boys club going is more important then treating clients and friends kindly.I’d chop my hands off or let the squirrel get pissed off and chew my wrist off.Like I said before again no matter what art form we are doing,we STILL are NOT curing cancer,keeping kids safe,feeding the hungry ect.We are getting paid to express our opinion.And are blessed to get paid for that.Because even though SOME of us trying to bring the horrors and injustices of the world to light with their art.It’s still not going to bring sight to the blind.I’d also like to know how much of your tattooing income goes to helping other and to charity?I could toot my own horn here but I won’t.I don’t do nice things for praise I do them because I have been in a bind before and know how nice it is to have help.Hell I couldn’t even keep my thrift store running because I was to free with giving stuff to people if they even just had a bad day.My artwork is inspired by my religious beliefs,which as most of you know is Voodoo.In voodoo much like Christianity we are taught to treat people the way we want to be treated.That comes above EVERYTHING.I never had training I picked up some clay and made a doll out of it.After that and doing some occult workings about it I realized that was my gift in life.And if I behaved as a decent human being and used my work to express the things that needed or wanted to be expressed I’d flourish with it.My guardian God is Obatala and my mother Goddess is Oshun.Obatala formed the first humans and Oshun likes dolls so I think it was just fate I have succeeded in this.Now I am by no means saintly.I’m crude,rude *if you provoke me* will resort to violence again if I’m pushed to that point,gossip,have a BAD temper and all the crappy little things that make us human.But I do have a heart and I also have feelings *GASP*.So no matter what label I fall under artist,model whatever NONE of that will mean much of shit when I have passed on.What will matter is the help I have left behind,if I said something silly and made somebody giggle,If I helped a hurt animal or helped my fellow humans out.When one crumbles to dust it’s not going to matter if you were the tattoo artist with the biggest dick who talked the most shit.You KARMA and your legacy as a human *as just the shaved apes we are* is what is left behind.
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~ by Ugly Shyla on July 12, 2011.

One Response to “So I was thinking about learning to tattoo …”

  1. I tried reading all the comments when it all started but really? The fuck is wrong with people? That kind of holier than thou bullshit attitude (in general) is what is killing indie/outsider art period. If I knew how to tattoo I’d teach you in a hot minute.

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