Zachariah,Struck Dumb fine art doll by Ugly Shyla

Find more pic’s and info on the doll here on my etsy shop
TITLE: Zachariah,Struck Dumb
MEDIUM:The Doll is made from Porcelain pieces I hand cast from molds of a antique BJD or ball jointed doll torso and arms,so it’s posable.It’s arms have red glaze gashes and all the joints are lined in leather to keep the dolls joints from grinding together.The dolls head is a hand made reproduction of a
Armand Marseille doll head.Armand Marseille was the finest doll makers in Germany in the 1800’s.The dolls body has been glazed with two types of crackle glaze.The eyes are semi-precious stones there is a blue glass tear that is dropping out of it’s eye.The inside of the dolls head is paper mached with antique bible pages.The top of the back of it’s head has the title from the book of Zachariah.
COSTUME:Antique purple cheese cloth,black tulle,silver toned glass beads.
SIZE: Doll is 34 1/2 inches.When standing on the floor her head comes up to about my hip bone.So she is a huge doll.
NOTE:The doll is what is called a pincushion or half doll.It has no legs just a big cone shaped base.
STATUS: For Sale 610.00
PAYMENT PLANS:If you need to the doll can be paid for in 3 payments over three back to back months.You must put down a deposit for me to hold it for layaway. If you need to do the payment plan just drop me a line before buying.

~ by Ugly Shyla on September 29, 2011.

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