Raffle for Hollie Stevens

The raffle has ended and the winners will be announced soon 🙂
This is a raffle for my friend Hollie Stevens who just had surgery for breast cancer.The tickets are 5.00 a ticket,and you can buy more then one ticket.We have a ton of stuff in the give always,that way everybody has a chance to win something.Here are some of the items folks have donated.Please make sure and visit all the websites of the kind folks who so kindly donated things totally out of their pocket.All the profits for the raffle will go to Hollie to help her out.
Baron Samedi painting by Steve Hapy

Dark Shadows wall art by Chuck Jett

Acid Green Nightmare Bird Skull Necklace by Medusas Adornments and Arcana

Art Pitcher *which comes with a cool wood burnt wooden box* by Shane Bugbee

Printed one of a kind skull and heart art by Matt Deterior

Soaps by Carissa Lyn Soaps *we have more then the 2 listed so more then just one person can win two bars*

Art Necklace by Good Mourning, Glory! Studios

Vagina necklace and also the Red and Black beaded necklace by http://www.foxygoat.com/

Wine Charms by Hauk Originals

Grab Bag of handmade jewerly and fun stuff from UnLuckyCat13/Tamara Comeaux

IMPS:Kid Krowley and Spiderface Freckleyes by http://jordanwester.blogspot.com/

Cancer Poppet by http://www.etsy.com/shop/nightsvision

~ by Ugly Shyla on October 1, 2011.

One Response to “Raffle for Hollie Stevens”

  1. Everything I saw was awesome! 3 nubs up out of 3!

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