*I’m not even going to sit here and type a long ass disclaimer about what I consider morally right and wrong so somebody doesn’t get bull hurt.I don’t owe any of you a explanation if you all want to get offended and think I’m taking about YOUR behavior,please form a orderly line and no pushing.Aw hell push and shove each other I don’t care maybe your butt hurt for no reason asses will kill each other.*
One of the points of being a artist is that you get to push boundaries,yours and others.You also get to build the dividing line between them.To sort of build you own kingdom of what is taboo and isn’t.
Which is all good and grand but in the pc age we live in,pushing the boundaries is fine.Staring where YOURS are is not.
It’s a sort of reverse censorship that occurs now.
As a artist my art is something that is mine that no one can take away from me,make me use it to lie or break the will of my art.
Something that makes people extremely uncomfortable about not only me as a person but myself as a artist and my art is that I state where my boundaries are at.What I think is right and wrong.
People will kiss your ass if you do collections of the joys of promiscuity,BUT if you make something stating that you really don’t participate in things like promiscuity it really pisses the “free thinkers” off.
If I made dolls of dead children just for the sake of being spooky and shocking I would likely get a hell of allot less flack then I do.
One of the whole points of being a artist or a REAL artist is you are stepping outside of mainstream society,which doesn’t make life easier BUT you get the option of “hey I can make or do things that are totally honest about the way I feel”.Which is all fine and dandy as long as those views go with the herd,even the underground or sub cultural herd.
You are allowed to have very strong opinions in the subculture scene,provided that it’s the same strong opinion everybody else has.
I have found I have pushed allot of boundaries by stating I HAVE boundaries,which if people were really honest with themselves they would admit they have them also.It’s not popular for a subculture artist to have boundaries or morals they stick to.
Just like I find it extremely annoying that people think because I practice voodoo and am a Satanist that it’s strange I have morals.
Nobody likes to admit it but some of them really aren’t all that into the really out there stuff you are SUPPOSED to be into as a subculture person in general.
I have found that it’s actually more shocking to people when I honestly state that I don’t see the value in sleeping around,I never had a desire to drink,I also don’t see the value in doing drugs.
Sex and genitals are kind of gross,maybe abortion isn’t a nice thing to do and maybe you shouldn’t get so drunk you piss yourself.
I think it also makes people extremely uncomfortable when somebody that doesn’t look “normal” is pretty uncouth and ballsy about the subject they explore in art and life has a sense of right and wrong and maybe doesn’t agree with their expectations of how immoral and unethical we are all supposed to be.

~ by Ugly Shyla on October 4, 2011.

2 Responses to “Boundaries”

  1. I love this. It’s absolutely true. One of the most disturbing things about subcultures is their ridiculous adherence to certain standards, dress codes and table of commandments. It’s pitiful that these people refuse to acknowledge the fact that they’re just doing what everyone else does, even though the percentage of people doing it is less than “mainstream”. Frankly, to pick on one in particular, it’s more “punk rock” to do what you want to, dress how you like, and not worry whether or not your boots are dirty enough or your butt patches have the correct band on them. Not only that, but those type of people are pushing away the type of people who could breathe new life into their sad little villages of sheepherded idiots. Artists especially.

    People who claim to be different and misunderstood and wear it as a flag truly do not understand the plight of being different. It’s not always a glorious thing, and sometimes it’s lonely. But there is pride and joy in knowing that there’s only one of you in this world and finding the few kindred spirits who actually do share your ideals and celebrate their autonomy. It seems like you’re one of those special few, Shyla. Don’t let the assholes get to you.

  2. Many that flatter themselves with the idea that they are different from the herd are just doing the opposite of what they think is normal, which means that their lives and decisions are just as much determined by the herd as any of the sheep.

    People that are trying to recruit you into their delusions probably suspect deep down that just maybe what they are doing is stupid, unhealthy or vicious but instead of dealing with themselves and their gods they play a game of approval and disapproval with their projections of others.

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