Somebody explain to me how I’m somehow more offensive?

I just logged into my fb and was informed they had to delete my photo below for it’s “offensive content” I’m so confused I don’t know how it’s offensive in any way shape or form?I don’t know if it’s “violent content” because of the Halloween gel blood in the background or if it’s “pornographic content” which I wouldn’t understand either because I’m covered more then a girl in a bikini on a beach!!!I had to deal with clicking through like 3 pages of FB scolding me FUCK YOU!And I hope you feel good about almost getting my profile deleted when I’m using FB to promote a goddamn raffle I’m doing for my friend who just had a goddamn mastectomy!!!!!!
Right after I finally clicked through all the scoldings and logged into fb I saw on my friends list wall 3 topless women,a group of naked men with nothing but their hands over their crotches and a drawing where somebody used the N word in the drawing.It would be one thing if everybody was held up to the same standards but because I have more tattle tells that harass me I get in trouble.I also got scolded for not using my real name.Well maybe I don’t like people being able to find where I LIVE ect. And FB makes a big shit about bullying on FB but what about bullying on there,what about the people that bully you about constantly reporting your shit.And doesn’t somebody LOOK at the photos before they remove them?I’m fully clothed!
The horrid offensive photo in question Pic by 13th hour studios

~ by Ugly Shyla on October 6, 2011.

3 Responses to “Somebody explain to me how I’m somehow more offensive?”

  1. manonmona reblogged this on Espacio de MANON.

  2. Oh good lord.
    I had a naked woman on my fb yesterday and did’nt have anything happen except a friend get offended cause they might get in trouble for seeing that at work lol.

  3. Ridiculous, obviously someone feels threatened by you.

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