Cool Sellers to check out for the hollidays

Some cool sellers and artist to check out for belated holiday gifts.
FIRE MASS Magazine| Fire Mass #1


Vintage,collage and Jewerly

Rag dolls The Original Source for Azrael, The Angel of Death by Leilah Wendell Short collection of prose and poetry by author Shannon Barber Art,film,writing by Shane and Amy Bugbee. Comics by
Jeremiah Buckel Art Work and Prints by
Starla Harris Handmade soaps, hair sticks, jewelry and more by ValkyrieOfOdin Altered jewelry, floral, supplies, and more. and OOAK porcelain ball jointed dolls by Lightpainted Dollshop A little bit of everything Dolls, Wings, jewelry commissions are welcome Jewelry, Fashion, Accessories by LilyMonsters.Graveyard Saryn Christina Jewelry – steampunk/gothic Jamie Swafford Dobbs,Mostly Holiday ornaments and stockings! 😉 Little Sebastian,A artist AND a pro domme (available for either). jewelry,etc. Mini top Hats and other hair goodies all hand made. Custom ordering available David Necro handmade cosmetic bags, eye masks, hair accessories (wedding,prom,zombie,mardi gras etc) hand painted pendant/ brooch cameos & more. Handmade creatures, accessories and occasionally clothing
UnLuckyCat13 Art and Jewerly.

And lastly my work:

Ugly Art Dolls
Add me on Facebook
My Doll/Art Facbook
Ugly Art Dolls and jewelry on etsy
My Execution Style Clothing Design Etsy Shop

~ by Ugly Shyla on December 24, 2011.

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