4 Responses to “FB is threatening to close my personal account”

  1. Shyla hun, can your ID be shopped? Or would they look it up? I wonder if anyone has bypassed the system successfully. If you need any help let me know, I made my own fake ID when I was 17 lol! Just a suggestion! A more drastic solution would be to change your name to Shyla Doll by deed poll.. it costs about £30 here I’m not so sure what the costs would be in the states though. Good luck!

  2. If bookface ever asks me to scan an ID for them it’ll be bye bye bookface.

  3. That’s a load of HORSESHIT if I’ve ever heard it! Asking you to scan in an i.d.? WHAAAT? Maybe you should do some happy voodoo gris-gris to come out on the good side of this debacle.

  4. Facebook can be a real bitch!
    I hope you work it out.

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