Ugly Shyla Mothwoman doll

Doll of me in my moth woman outfit doll for sale 350.00. Find her for sale on my etsy here
TITLE: Ugly Shyla Moth Woman Doll

MEDIUM:The Doll is made from Porcelain,paint,glass eyes,human hair with a cloth body.

COSTUME:Fabric from my original Moth Woman costume,Cotton,polyester,a sparkly sheer fabric,a polyester fabric made to have runs in it.Her cape is full of “moth holes” with silver splotches.Her shoes are fabric and leather and are hand made by me.She even has a necklace with a skull and vintage lace like the one I wear with my Moth Woman costume.

SIZE: Doll is 18 inches.And the base is 12 1/2 X 9 1/2

NOTE:Doll comes with the wooden base she is standing on.She attaches to the base with a piece of elastic around her waist under her skirt.The wooden base is red with moth and bug wings images all over it.

PAYMENT PLANS:If you need to the doll can be paid for in 3 payments over three back to back months.You must put down a deposit for me to hold it for layaway. If you need to do the payment plan thing drop me a line before buying.

~ by Ugly Shyla on December 30, 2011.

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