Squirrel is now internet famous!

Squirrel is famous and I was clueless,She got featured on the Gizmodo site HERE and she has 36,059 hits on her painting video!A few days back I was so annoyed people all of a sudden were making annoying comments about her “not really painting” it was because thousands of people were looking at her and I had no clue.LOL. I’m so proud of her.She had such a will to live and is now getting attention with her squirrel hobby.No wonder they were dogging her she’s got haters for the attention she got.LOL
Add squirrel on FB Winkelhimer on facebook
I noticed the Gizmodo site found out about Winkelhimer from a blog by
Felix Salmon is the finance blogger at Reuters http://reuters.com/felix

~ by Ugly Shyla on January 7, 2012.

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