The curvy VS skinny as attractive debate.

The curvy VS skinny as attractive debate.
Normally when a curvy girl like myself *look at any of my pic’s and you can see I’m curvy* post a pic saying that curvy girls are NOT hideous piece of trash,the thin girls get mad.I have allot of black girls on my list that are very proud to be black like Shannon *I’m mixed with everything but I’m white colored,so when I have to check a box what I am I check white*.Now Shannon is comfortable in her own black skin and if she says that I don’t think she is dissing me because I’m not black,she’s just happy with herself.
The same goes for the curvy VS skinny debate.
One thing that does annoy me about skinny girls getting offended is that up until maybe 3 years ago girls even my size where considered repulsive.And still are in some places.I tell you what if you are a skinny girl we will both go to the same say TV audition or a modeling agency and lets see who gets picked.The fact is it’s like Black and White there are STILL a hell of allot more prejudices against plus size then thin girls.And even when I was thin my body is STILL curvy so it’s not like I can say ‘Oh if I get down to 80 pounds I can be a fashion mode” I have a hourglass figure and am busty even when thin so there is no way,I’m stuck with it and I’m fine with that.
If you are a svelte girl growing up you could look on tv,mags and media and see a example of YOUR body.It’s just NOW where I can see somebody who looks like me.I was in my 20’s MY TWENTIES when I even saw a girl with boobs the size of mine while changing at a fashion show.I always thought my breast were DISGUSTING and when I saw hers I thought “Oh all the ones that size must look that way” and I was freaking out for no reason,over dumb stuff like the blue vain and just how big and jiggley they were *the only large breast you’d see around that time is implants*.Same with big butts I was always embarrassed that I had thin legs but a big butt and I thought it looked ugly from the back,but again it’s only NOW when I’m 32 fucking years old I realize that is normal doubt the girls who grew up a size 4 have dealt with that.
And when a curvy girl says a thin girl is gross THIS is what we are talking about or this and there is no way in motherfucking HELL you can tell me that those women are naturally that size.Maybe if you are 11 and hit a growth spurt you will look bony and lanky but these women are not natural.We are not talking about woman that look like say my friend Daisy who has a barbie type body.She’s thin but still has flesh and looks soft to touch and womanly.I think Daisy is just a beautiful as I think Christina Hendricks
My size is a natural size for me I’m about the same size as Christina Hendricks so therefore 88 or 488 pounds isn’t a natural size for me.
I’m tired of thin women going on rampages because curvy girls are more accepting of their bodies.And they HAVE to understand we have had way more discrimination then you guys have had.And I don’t care if people get pissed off at me saying that but it’s true!
Ugly Shyla

~ by Ugly Shyla on February 8, 2012.

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