I want that but I’m soooooooo poorrrrrr

Feel free to repost if you feel the same.

One thing I hate about posting new work for sale is hearing everybody whine how “they wish they had money to buy it,but they are soooooo poor,and the economy is sooo tough” A simple “oh that’s cool” will suffice.YES money is tight and I pretty much fall into the almost gutter punk category.But if you have power in your house and the internet you are NOT that poor.And again yes money is tight I hardly scrape by some months which is depressing considering how much I BUST MY MOTHERFUCKING ASS.So hearing people whine at me likely from better computers and phones then I have makes me want TO BLOW MY MOTHER FUCKING HEAD OFF.Everybody whines there isn’t any cool art,shows,bands it’s because of you annoying whiny fuckers that don’t support SHIT.

And don’t write me and ask if I’m talking about “you” because I must deal with 1000 of “you” a week.Yes money is tight is you like something and can’t afford it *because I know my 12.00 necklaces are such a strain on your pocket books* Just say that it looks nice and move the FUCK along! GODDAMN!

Would you kids like to know what goes into say one of the pendants I sell for 12.00 T_W_E_L_V_E fuckking dollars?
To make one I have to,Cut them or cast them out of clay,add details,let the clay dry,clean the seams off of the clay fire it in the kiln *which has to be full of other uncooked work to make it worth firing it so that means I’m working on like sometimes 30 items at a time* take it out after it’s cooked,glaze it,let that dry,glaze it again,let that coat dry,glaze again fire it to cook the glaze,If some of the glaze didn’t cover I have to re glaze it.Once that is done I have to add jump rings and chain or cord which came out of my pocket.Then I have to take pic’s of it and get at least 5 good ones.I then edit the photos cropping and adding my (c) on there.After that I get to type up measurements and descriptions and go through the hoops of adding it to my shopping cart or etsy shop.I have to price it enough to pay for the listing fees and also shipping.So there you have how I make my “cheap” work.


~ by Ugly Shyla on February 12, 2012.

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