We are safe and sound.

As most of you know at 9am on sat the 18th I think it was,a around 4 story tree broke off at the top and crashed into our home destroying it.Nobody was hurt,the gov was of NO HELP and my Cousin Torrey busted butt to find us a rent house.Folks and friends have been AMAZING about helping us.My mother and I were both so touched by how much everybody reached out to help us we both cried.
It’s not at all fun to have your home destroyed *it crashed through the kitchen and living room and then a week later ANOTHER limb from another tree stabbed through the roof of my work room straight through the ceiling light fixture* but we are dealing with it as best as we can.All that matters though is that nobody not even the pets were hurt.As long as nobody 2,4 or even 8 legged died I can deal with it.
The walmart gift cards have been immensely helpful.We still need a few things like I need a work desk *I usually just get cheap computer desk from walmart* and the freaking Tupperware containers,and clean up stuff oh God the clean up stuff.If anybody wants to help out the gift cards can be sent to uglyshyla@gmail.com or UGLY SHYLA PO BOX 439 JENNINGS,LA 70546 .And again thank you thanks you thank you to all of those that have helped!!!!

~ by Ugly Shyla on February 29, 2012.

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