3 Black Crosses Nun Doll Shadow Box by Ugly Shyla

Another new doll I just finished.
Find more pic’s and info on it on my etsy shop where I have it for sale.

TITLE: 3 Black Crosses

MEDIUM:Polymer clay,vintage fabric,old bible pages,found objects,wood and metal.The doll has a polymer clay face and her body is all fabric and is a primitive fabric folk style body,almost like a voodoo doll.The whole piece including the doll is handmade by me Ugly Shyla.

COSTUME:Vintage Satins.

SIZE: 12 1/2 X 12 1/2 inches.

NOTE:The Shadow box includes a vintage gold toned angel with a working bell,keys,3 black crosses,a bible shaped charm,a kneeling man Milagros,a ceramic angel and a vintage little silver charm that says “With God all things are possible”.The background of the shadow box is papered with very old bible pages.

About Me & My Art:My dolls have been featured on various website and have appeared in print things like John Santerineross’ photography book Dream,and also Bizarre Magazine,SPIN and Lollipop Magazine,Huffington Post and Haute Macabre.
They have been displayed in galleries,art shows and in the St.Elizabeth’s Doll Museum.
They also have been used in props in photos by John Santerineross, Kattaryna Breaux,Caleb Storms and The Joker,Saryn Angel,
Along with being a doll artist I enjoy sewing and art in general and I also model as a alt model a side art form.
Myself and my art have been seen on every major news network in stories featuring my famous painting squirrel Winkelhimer Smith.
All items sold as is and no refunds,so please read the descriptions

~ by Ugly Shyla on June 15, 2012.

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