How to break into alt modeling by Ugly Shyla

This is one of the most frequent non art related question I get.So here is some advice from me.Feel free to pass it along.

How did you break into Alt Modeling?
I actually don’t have a clue on how to do it from the ground up.I never wanted to be a model or even entertained the notion of becoming one.I got into it because people just started talking my pic because most of them knew about my dolls,so they liked my art and wanted to take a pic of the weird person that makes the weird dolls.I then realized that was a really good *and free* way to get publicity for my dolls and art so that is why I kept doing it and still do it to this day.

The best advice I can give to any “aspiring model” is *I know it sounds corny as hell* but be yourself.Don’t try and be a bad or even good knock off or copycat of your fave model or rock star,because not only is that just unoriginal,but why would somebody want to take a pic of a bad copy of another person when they could just go get the real thing.Plus if the person you are copying figures out what you are doing you will make a enemy of that person for life.

Also get yourself a online modeling portfolio Wicked Talent is a good place to build yourself one or Model Mayhem ,but if you ask my two cents,Wicked Talent is better because it’s only Alternative types on there,plus it’s a small close net group so you are less likely to run into a dangerous person on there that is just posing as a photographer or model.The woman that runs Wicked Talent, Donna Ricci is a ALT model herself and a sweet lady to book so I highly recommend Wicked Talent.It’s about 30.00 a year or 5.00 a month to have a WT profile so it’s also inexpensive. To set yourself up a portfolio you will need at LEAST 3 decent professional looking pic’s of yourself.So either get a friend with a bit of talent with the cam to take your pic,or dig around for photography students in your area that would be willing to do TPF which is trade or time for prints,in other words you model for them for free and they in turn let you use the photos for your portfolio.

Once you have some pic’s in your portfolio you can get on say the Wicked Talent casting board and see what photographers are in your area or will be in your area,then you can inquire with them if they would like to shoot with you.Again it will likely be TPF.

Speaking of TPF if you are getting into alt modeling for money you are in the WRONG business.Unless you are a very well known model you will very likely not get paid by allot of photographers and only do TFP which is fine to build up your portfoilo but doesn’t help pay rent About the only thing that girls known and unknown can be almost guaranteed to get paid work for is either nude,maybe if they are lucky just topless or erotica/soft core photos.Even then it’s not a large amount of money payment for most erotica photos is about 100.00 to *if you are lucky* 300.00 a shoot.At times girls are attracted to erotica alt modeling because it’s the only way they can get paid or they think it is the only way to get well known.But you need to really think it through before you take your clothes off because once they published it can never be taken back.Believe me somebody in your home town will likely see it,and make sure you are ok with that.Think about the fact that maybe the creepy guy at the gas station that is old enough to be your dad will be pleasuring himself to you photos.

And don’t ever let anybody tell you that you have to do alt erotica to get attention or get somewhere as a model.I have never even done so much as topless work and I got along just fine.I managed to be just as established with my clothes on as other girls who have done more reveling work or even erotica/porn.Sadly I think because of the popularity of things like SG I think most subculture girls that want to model think that leaving your clothing on will prevent you from getting established and that is just not true.

Also if you are going to be a model I suggest you try and save up some money to travel around,That way if you are wanting to shoot with more then just a handful of photographers and you don’t live in a major city or near one like say NYC or LA,you will have a chance to do that.

Before going on a shoot with a new photographer ALWAYS ask for references and the websites and e-mail addresses of at least 3 models they have worked in the past.That way you can contact past models that have worked with the photographer to find out if he is a creep or has less then professional practices which could include anything from never giving you your prints to worse making advances towards the models.And DO contact the models in the references and ask them about the photographer.I have other girls mail me all the time about references and I’m more then happy to tell them if the photographer is a safe person to work with most other models will be happy to give you the thumbs up or the thumbs down on working with someone.

When you do go on shoots tell the photographers you are taking a escort and DO IT,preferably a male one.Even if you are a male model do not go alone.I don’t care if it’s the most famous photographer in the Alt photography scene,take someone with YOU.Better safe then sorry.If the photographer has a prob with that,you know something is fishy there and tell them thanks but no thanks. Some photographer don’t want you to bring a boyfriend or a spouse on the shoot,at times it is just because they don’t want the boyfriend to get jealous or make the model uncomfortable.Which I can understand in a way but they SHOULD allow you to take someone else with you.If they don’t just politely decline to do the shoot. I have worked with some very well known photographers and they never had a problem if I brought somebody along with me.So please do not feel weird about telling them you are bring somebody,they will not be offended,if they are again tell them thanks but no thanks.It’s also good to ask other models you TRUST about photographers before you work with them.

How did I become a model?

More or less people just started taking pic’s of me I guess because they were familiar with me through my doll work and I assume they found my look and my line of work interesting.

I hope some of that info has helped some of you.
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