Hurricane ISAAC is headed our way.

As most of you know I live in Louisiana,we are going to have a hurricane pass through here YAY *said with the utmost sarcasm* I live in the town of Jennings, so if you would like to track when the hurricane will be passing over us and I will be having a freak out you can track it on
We are staying since it’s a cat 1 hurricane and it’s so hard to evacuate with all the pets we have. If they have a mandatory evacuation we will have to leave.But if not we will ride it out.In feb a tornado through a tree into our home and we also stayed for Rita so what is one more weather related PTSD experience for us.
I’ll just do allot of rituals for us to stay safe and everybody keep us and our house in your thoughts and prayers.
Also if you are waiting on items from me that I need to ship I will be shipping them after the hurricane passes through.I know the schools ect are starting to close around here.So I don’t know if the post office will be open tomorrow or if even all hell will be breaking loose weather wise tomorrow.Which I HOPE it does not because my cat has a vet appt AND my front end of my car needs to be fixed in case we need to leave.
Right now I’m getting to do the fun stuff like wash all the plates and laundry in case we don’t have water and we need towels or bedding if something gets wet ect.
This is ONE BIG thing I will not miss about Louisiana!
Ugly Shyla

~ by Ugly Shyla on August 27, 2012.

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