My thoughts are with you all in Hurricane Sandy!

My thoughts are with everybody in the NJ hurricane.I’m lighting a candle for you guys.Please please listen to the news and follow all the precautions they tell you to take.and.If you can get the hell out of there DO IT,and for fucks sake do NOT have hurricane parties where e
everybody gets drunk AKA useless in a emergency situation.I have rode out about 5 hurricanes in my lifetime including Rita which I still have a touch of PTSD from and in Feb a tornado almost cracked my whole home in half.Also realize if the place is flooded after you won’t be able to get in the home immediately to take care of your things so anything that isn’t in water will be ruined.Trust me I know there is mold in rooms in my trailer the water didn’t even touch because we couldn’t go back for 3 days. One thing that helped me stay sane through rita was a little battery operated radio,AND they will tell you what roads are clear to get through and where to get gas and food.And for the love of GOD take care of your pets,if you leave bring them with you and I know you can’t always leave so make sure to have enough food and water for them.And mine liked blankets to hide under.Down here we pray to Our Lady Of Prompt Succor because she’s the patron of hurricanes and if you are on the pagan side or like me BOTH you can pray to Oya to protect you.Please please please be careful!

~ by Ugly Shyla on October 29, 2012.

2 Responses to “My thoughts are with you all in Hurricane Sandy!”

  1. Its unfortunate that we had to learn our lesson from Katrina. But I think it helped all of us to be better prepared. Mold is already an issue in alot of those old buildings… such a mess.

    • Totally.I’m starting to clean out my trailer that got hit by the tornado in FEB and there is mold ALL OVER the walls. I spray bleach everything that I can’t wash.I hope you didn’t get any damage.It’s the same here everything had mold in the first place and bad weather makes it so much worse.

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