Some of my friends cool shops for Holliday gifts!

Feel free to share the link to this blog.By doing so you pay it forward and help support handmade!

Mine: Fine art dark dolls and handmade jewelry

Laurie mcclave Fine Art Paintings and art

Brian Hammer: His punk band Serfs Up His Photography

Amaltheas attic We sell strange things for strange people including clothing hair dye accessories home decor jewelry makeup and more for the gothic and alternative community.

Pro Domme, Tearanny

Lucy Jewelry, bags, and other gift items. and Candles

Shane and Amy Bugbee Their book:The Suffering and Celebration of Life in America , This is the gritty reality of more than a year on the road, with little money and no back up plan.One American couple with their dog and turtle take to road searching for a place to call home and a glimmer of hope. They documented the year leading up to the election, but not with typical news and politicos, instead with the people of America.

Deviant Rose Graphic design site

Nina Friday Paintings,and jewelry

The Funeral Garden Inc.A online retailer specializing in gothic, occult and alternative merchandise with a focus on supporting independent artists and small publishers around the world.

Sawdust and Tinsel is a multimedia organization whose services include art, graphic design, photography and film.

Handmade by Tiffany Darkwear James and only Tiffany Darkwear James steampunk, diesel punk and fine leather goods.

Unbreakable pipes and ashtrays in beautiful colors

TrippingBalls, Embroidered patches!

BlackwolfStudios Vintage clothes and other cool things

Twisted Sister Hope Soap Organic, Homemade Soaps, Beauty Products, Household Products,Handmade Boxes, Sachets, Shampoos, Natural Herbs, and much more to come! and also makeup artist

Cootie Von Ghoul Art Horror Pop Art and Model

Steel Crucible is an Etsy shop full of beautiful, weird, scary, metal things.

Dark Elf Productions Graphic Design Of All Nature. Screen-Printed Art,Clothing & Other Rubbish.

Vlad Quigley Sophisticated saucy English 17th Century Pop Art pin ups
The Azrael Project Online-Westgate Necromantic: The Original Source for Azrael, The Angel of Death, Necromantic Art and Literature and encounters with a personified Death entity

BonsoirBella swimwear, leggings, skirts, tops, etc etc.

Becka Baker Button Maker
Providing quality and affordable buttons to anyone who wants them. and her band

Angelique X Stacy:Jill of all Trades and master of none.
Tattooer Musician-Howler for “T&A”( Traci and Angel)- Bluegrass/Country, Theremin Player, Drummer/Vocals for “Down & Out Duo”, Flautist. Puppeteer.Fire-eater
Burlesque Dance as”Marie La Faux”,

Sioux City Pete and the Beggars:Armed with guitars, drums and guts, Sioux City Pete & The Beggars mutate the classic style of Mississippi Delta Blues into previously uncharted territory, stripping the music down to it’s raw soul and rebuilding it with volume-soaked armor plating;

Melissa Mortiis hand sculpted jewellery

~ by Ugly Shyla on November 6, 2012.

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