Our Pug Bijou passed away this morning :(

had my mom wake me up,and I had to call Jim to come home.Our pug Bijou just died in his sleep.He was hardily over a year old but the people who had him before treated him so badly letting him get heart worms as a baby and we had him treated for it but I think his heart had damage because of that.I’m crushed my mother Darlene Munster is even more crushed because he’d was her cuddle pug.Jim was kind enough to come home and help us bury him.And last year on new years day our other pug Opossum died unexpectedly in my mom’s arms when they were both sleeping.I really don’t know how much more of anything I can take.And to the people who chewed me out when I bought my mom Fester from a reputable breeder, because Opossum died so suddenly and I didn’t want to put her though another one passing.I wonder NOW if you can see WHY I did that.Yes it’s important to take in rescues but it’s also important to sometimes get something for somebody that you know is 100% healthy and young.I hope you all feel good about your self righteous attitudes now that my mom and I are hysterical from having to bury a sickly hardly a year old pug.
Ugly Shyla

~ by Ugly Shyla on February 23, 2013.

One Response to “Our Pug Bijou passed away this morning :(”

  1. I’m sorry for yours and your mothers loss, and I know it doesn’t help now but one thing to consider is you gave this poor abused pup a great home for the remainder of his/her time here. I’m sure the animal itself was thankfull.

    Condolences to you both,


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