What is Art And What Is Shit.

And for the people that will bicker with me that it’s in the eye of the beholder,well this is what I BEHOLD.
Pictures and sounds are worth a million words.
This is art and this is a artist Marina Abramovic
This is art/music David Bowie
And also this GG Allin
Those people are or were REAL honest artist.
This is shit.Modern day “meme” rappers and the “tumblr famous”.Remember the folks who were “myspace famous” aren’t their projects they are doing now awesome?Oh wait they aren’t any.

Ok I’m open to most art forms or genres.But I GODDAMN HATEEEEE this wannabe ghetto white suburbanite fuck and their shitty hipster hop.OMG they makes me want to throw feces in their fucking mouths. I grew up in the goddamn Louisiana ghetto.And they pick the WORST stereotypes to portray. 2o years ago people would have SHIT their pants because this is such sort of black face shit and also insulting to all people from the hood of all colors by aping our culture.The females are the most insulting by saying stupid shit like “being a slut is empowering” no it’s not you are a semen dumpster and I don’t know what is empowering about that.Don’t get me wrong I actually respect actual sex workers,and at least they get paid to do it*.And somebody explain to me how you being a semen dumpster is empowering a 12 year old girl?And EVERYBODY sings about doing drugs,Hey I’m from the hood and I never did drugs,and most of these ass clowns are trying to appeal to young girls.So it’s empowering to be every stereotype,basically play “poor” aka “ghetto” and take drugs till your ass falls out.I just detest these people.
.Rap was a way for poor black kids to have their own art form and everybody should have a art form they can call their own,white people have thinks like punk and metal.Not saying that the races can’t enjoy or be involved in each other’s art forms.But POSEURS are another fucking thing.And this girl looks like she’s 12 and the WHITEST person alive and she’s “rapping” about how “it’s ok if you do lines,I don’t mind” FUCKING BEAUTIFUL teach young girls if a guy you like is snorting shit by all means pick him to go out with.
I introduce you all to cracker crap rap!
Brooke Candy And I’m sorry I don’t think Slut is a compliment.
And you can look up videos on people like Brooke Candy and also Lil Debbie talking all suburbanite,so they are basically mocking the way a black person or a ghetto person talks.
Lil Debbie video totally busting her as a fake
All this mess is just if you took 80’s Debbie Gibson and made her rap!

And also as a aside I hate this man he’s a prefect example of hipsters playing poor. Young Broke Beautiful

Ugly Shyla

~ by Ugly Shyla on May 13, 2013.

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