I’m taking on some ritual work for other folks for a bit of time.

Again I’m between dolls so I can do a few rituals for folks. Candle rituals are 45.00 also Gris Gris bags are the same price voodoo dolls are 50.00 
Common custom ritual stuff I do.Please keep in mind that that I can only slip in ritual work when I have some free time between my doll work.So you have to catch me when you can when I have time to do it. You can e-mail me at uglyshyla@gmail.com and I only take paypal.And if you like I can even send you a pic of your candle ritual and naturally with the dolls and gris gris bags I mail them to ya. 
Common custom rituals I do.
Protection From Harm
Protect Children

Remove or protect from curses,hexes and jinxes.
Attract a mate
Bring back a spouse
Make a lover faithful

Money Attraction
Better business
Get a Job

Good Luck
Gambling Hands

To Bring Peace
Court Cases
Power Over Others
Wish Granting
Make a Enemy Get or Move Away.
Reverse Evil Back To Someone
Law Stay Away
Break Up Lovers
Make somebody stop drinking or doing drugs.


~ by Ugly Shyla on June 9, 2013.

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