I got a Mayan astrology reading.

I really enjoyed getting a reading from my friend Julie Squirrelady Gallagher she does mayan astrology readings. It’s kind of like having your horoscope cast but only in the myan system.It tells you your strengths and the “obstacles” in your life that are really things you need to learn to embrace and work with.She also gives you a book and some print outs where you can look up what is a good or less productive day to do things. Which is the main reason I wanted to know what I was in Mayan astrology.Her readings are 75.00 which her readings,light work ect is how she supports herself and feeds her squirrel babies. So the funds go to a good cause. So check her out and tell her Shyla and Winkelhimer sent ya!http://www.squirrelplanet.org/mayancalendar/readings/index.html

Ugly Shyla

~ by Ugly Shyla on June 26, 2013.

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