I saw Hole/Courtney Love Wed Night

I saw Hole/Courtney Love Wed Night

Let me say I have LOVED Courtney Love http://whatcourtneyworetoday.tumblr.com/ since I was a teen.I know she’s a hot mess but so am I.Her music was some of the music that kept me from blowing my brains out and STILL is.OMG last night was one of the most awesome nights of my life! We went to see Hole last night at Emo’s.We got there after she started and so everybody was all crowded around the stage.And I had my contacts on and I can’t see 20/20 still with them. So I wanted to get closer.I told Jim I wanted to get closer to the stage.We passed in front of of a few people and there was this short woman playing on her PHONE!Not even looking at the band or taking photos of the band with her phone.TEXTING on her phone. So I said excuse me to cut in front *she wouldn’t MOVE so I pushed me way thought anyway* and she was short so I made sure to stand aside in front of her so she could see.She she bitches at me “Uh you are like a foot taller then me!” and I said it’s ok if you would like to stand in front of me.Well that wasn’t good enough either *I get really pissed off at the lack of manners here and I’m sure I’ll get into a fight over it one day*.But I’m trying to see Courtney Love and all I can kind of see is her face from far away because a TALL man was in front and we were still so far back.And the short woman was screeching at people to *NO YOU ARE NOT CUTTING IN FRONT OF ME*.And I thought oh GODDDD this is going to be a miserable being right next to this horrid bitchy woman.I mean you are at the BACK of the row and LAST of the crowd that is crowed around,people WILL pass by you. So I told Jim I’m like since you are a male can you see if you
can get us closer?So Jim did and get me almost right up the the gate in front of the stage.And there was like a decent area of empty space in front of me.There was a lesbian could who both were very short.And I tapped one of them and told her her there is tons of room in front of me why don’t y’all stand there.She thanked me in a way I realized that being polite like that must not be to common here. Finally I had a spot so my short ass can see and I could enjoy the show.It was a amazing show and Courtney Love actually have a very nice voice live. Through out the show the crowd would throw her roses and she would pull off petals and throw them back to people.And sometimes hand fans whole roses. She was getting into the crowd which is amazing but mainly doing it on the opposite of the crowd. Then she started came over to the corner where we were and she had a rose.And she was looking at the crowd to see who to give it to.Of course I had my hand out because OMG maybe I could brush her skin! And she looks right at me and HANDS ME THE ROSE!!!!I yelled THANK YOU COURTNEY I LOVE YOU!!! And I swear we were on the ghetto side because when she would hand people things on the other side.They would just take them and people wouldn’t try and maul people for them.When she handed me the rose I grabbed it by the bulb because people were trying to rip leaves and somebody snapped the stem off of it.So I shoved the rose in my BRA,they didn’t realize I had years of Mardi Gras training I would grab the best part of the rose FIRST.And after she handed me the rose I *and OMG I’m so embarrassed to admit this* I started crying and I couldn’t help it.Tears were rolling down my eyes because somebody I have idolized gave ME a flower.After her art has already done so much for me.Plus I have had so much bad shit happen to me the past few years,having something amazing like that happen totally made me break down.And I actually would get myself to stop crying, and when she would sing some of the songs it totally reminded me of being like 17 in a shitty trailer, and blasting music over hearing my dad yelling at my mom how much he hated me.A few more times Courtney came back over the little area I was and let the crowd hold her up and I got to touch her and she would grab everybody’s hands.So many people talk so much shit about her but she is really awesome to her fans at the shows.She even flashed us her panties.Which she said was inappropriate now because she’s 49.LOL. She came back on for a encore *I think she was supposed to play for a hour but went to almost 1am* and did a acoustic set of one of her songs.It was her second to last show so she was playing her ass off and talking about how much she loves the city and actually went out and she never goes out shopping on tour.She even plugged Gail Chovan ON stage! And that she could even maybe live in this city,I guess she was able to go shopping and not have people bother her ect. So she sings more songs and then she’s singing and WHAM some asshole hits her with a can of beer!Right in the middle of her boobs!I don’t know why Security didn’t do anything to them.I guess they didn’t know who it was and people were to stupid to point out the person. So Courtney finished her song and was like I’m sorry guys y’all were a amazing crowd but some asshole just hit me with a BEER.And I don’t care if it’s “Courtney Love” who the FUCK throws a BIG CAN of cheap beer at a 49 year old woman! What amazes me is again people are aghast that she’s ornery. Well again when people treat you that way it makes you a LITTLE defensive and mean. I hope that asshole who hit her gets butt warts!


Ugly Shyla


~ by Ugly Shyla on August 5, 2013.

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