13 Questions the Angelique X Stacy / Halloween Edition

I have known Angelique so long online I don’t even remember where we first met.She’s a fellow african magic devotee,curvy girl,animal lover and jill of all trades and that is what attracted me to her.We became fast friends after that.I hope you enjoy the Oct edition of 13 questions with Angelique X Stacy.Make sure to check out her links and artwork.She’s a awesome talented gal.
Ugly Shyla
#1 Who,what,why,when wear. AKA who you are,What you do,Why you do it,When you started and where are you from? 
I am Angelique X Stacy, I am a multi medium artist: A musician (singer, Thereminist, drummer, flautist and whatever else I can get my hands on) 
I do memorial portraits using cremains. I tattoo , I do leather work, make puppets (& puppeteer), craft accessories for performances.  I have an insatiable urge to keep creating, making, crafting. It either wakes me up at night or keeps me up. I started when I was a kid. I remember sitting in Catholic School drawing Bat-winged horses that were black. I don’t know where I got such a cool idea, maybe from an elder sibling?Well, One of my sisters was listening to a lot of KISS back then…ha! Perhaps my love of horses and darkness converged.
 I am from the San Francisco Bay Area, Ca.. I’ve lived all over the Bay Area and a spell in Modesto (central valley desert)  ,so California kid for nearly all my life.But,now I discovered I can live in other places and I am currently in Louisville , Kentucky for the time being, fixing up my wagon for the next adventure and giving tours of the Victorian Neighbourhood ( Old Louisville)  I am currently residing in. 

#2 Why do you care enough to make art?
I could be delusional, but you have you ever had that feeling.. ” I have a very important message, I must get it out”?. What that message is depends on the receiver . I know a part of it is that I believe in creating your own reality. We don’t have to take what is handed to us without putting our own stamp on it. If I can do something special, so can you. I think my presence is art. Just not conforming. Some elders make take it as a challenge but it is not mean’t to be. I can’t help it. I tried very hard to be normal for my Mum’s sake ( for 3 days in the start of Jr. High. I wore the “right” outfit, but I felt awful.) The uninteresting kids were attracted to labels and the neat kids doing their own things well that’s where I chose to sit.
One of her paintings using a beloved pets cremated remains.
#3 When did you realize you were going to be a artist,what was that “OMG I’m a artist now” moment for you?
I recently looked at some high school stuff and I saw a lot of friends had written: “Good luck as a commercial artist” so  I thought I  knew it back then. In Jr. High I had gave up on Art for Science. I took home some medals for the Science Olympiad and our team made it to Nationals. One teacher had me banned from going because “I didn’t look like a Science Olympiad student” this was the same teacher who taught students how to kill seagulls with Alka Seltzer. I should have considered the source, but it was a bad year for me, the team lost without me. I had my first grande mal seizure after school and whacked my head on a payphone. My focus changed after that, music continued to become more important to me and Science lost out.
Her Victorian inspired mourning jewelry
I am not sure I have had the “OMG I am an artist” moment yet, except well maybe right now..I am being interviewed by one of my favourite artists, so I think Shyla, YOU are giving me that moment. Thank you!
I had a couple during my singing career, famous people coming to my shows or playing their bday parties, but I don’t know how to explain, it just isn’t the same.San Francisco is a small town, you run into everyone eventually, but to be known outside your bubble, is success.

When people commission artwork from me and offer me a sum that is beyond my expectations, I am humbled and honoured! That is the omgiamanartist!!! moment in a nutshell. 

#4 What are some of your other favorite artist,or works of art.In ANY medium music,visual art ect?Feel free to provide links.
I mentioned you already so I will link up some folks I like, I hope I don’t miss anyone!: 
My Hubby, David X Stacy,  his music and his ability to take “junk” and make it into something amazingly beautiful and practical. He hates social media so if you follow my pics/profiles & what not, I am always crowing about him and posting pictures of the latest amazing thing he made to carry my stuff in. 
Nik Seizure: painter (http://www.scary-art.com/ )
 Darla Teagarden: photographer http://www.darlateagarden.com/
Jessica & Jared Joslin http://jessicajoslin.com/
Hilly Hill (taught me to needlefelt) http://www.etsy.com/shop/hillyhill
Nanette (makes those babydoll dresses!) http://www.etsy.com/shop/mybestsundaydress
Devon Blood http://devonbloodtattoo.com/ he was supposed to tattoo my best friend, she died, so he tattooed me instead. Then later he was shot in the head, he survived and taught himself to tattoo with his left hand and the other side of his brain. He is amazing.
Oh I can go and on and I will please ask that you check out my artist profiles on my blog angelxstacy.blogspot.com for interviews with these folks! I prefer writing about others 🙂
 Famous folks to google: Danzig,Boy George,Jim Henson. Miyazaki,Arthur Rackman, Leon Theremin, Brian & Wendy Froud!
And these folks who helped my craftsmanship by taking me under their wings: My tattoo Mentors Dennis Allison (retired), Smitty & Matt Decker https://www.facebook.com/mattdeckerpaints
and puppet mentor Dave Haaz Baroque http://p11.hostingprod.com/@shadowcircus.com/
I know there are more…there are so many un-named folks that make me beautiful things (Lori Steele) and inspire me singer (Medea L.) that is an artform of itself and I will continue to cheerlead them until they get a website and share their awesomeness!
#5 Who is a artist you relate to?
Frida Kalho
 Taking your pain and making it into Art, the transformation and the healing that comes from it. Frida painted a lot of self portraits. I used to as well, after a surgery or some health issue. A part of having TLE, Temporal Lobe Epilepsy, is this weird side effect that you can not remember what you look like. As I search for that image I see different things at different times. It is like a body dysmorphia, sometimes I am like Alice, 10 feet tall and sometimes I am very tiny. It is the weirdest feeling. I look in the mirror and sometimes I am like “whoa!”  I find a character to remember or a paint a painting or make a healing doll for myself to help remember the images I like. 
I relate to you because we both are able to carry paradoxes. We can be devoutly religious on one hand and a total skeptic on the other. We are our own harsh critics and we hold ourselves (and others when possible) to high standards.
 I relate to any other artist that has Epilepsy specially TLE.  A lot of personality traits comes from this burnt out spot behind my ear. In the past they would say I have a direct line to the Divine. Sometimes I feel that but other times I realize it is just a symptom.

#6 What advice would you give other artist like you?
Practice and work more, social media less, LOL! I know its a part of being an artist but it can be very distracting! There is hope.

#7 What piece of art was the most emotionally difficult for you to work on.
My best friend. Literally. I was asked to put her make up on for her viewing for her funeral. She died in a car wreck. She was made up very well but it was an old high school photo. She was a goth and her family wanted to honour that, especially her younger sister. The Mortician asked if I could do it when I handed her my make up kit, she could not paint a proper swirl she told me. I realized it was the most amazing thing I could ever do for my best friend is to make her look her best because this is the last time we would ever see her. They offered me a job. 
After that it was a tattoo on my other friend who has become my best friend. The transfer whipped off. She has tattoos from like some of the best artists in the U.S. and they all see my mediocre (compared to them!!) work cause for some reason these folks give me the prime real estate. She tells me “you drew it, just do it again” and I did and it came out fine but that is her skin FOREVER and that was scary. yikes!

#8 What do you hate the most about being a artist?
That people think just because you have a passion or like what you do, it should be free. I do love trade & barter especially with other artists. But when a stranger says I SHOULD give them this or that just because isn’t right and whomever started that way of thinking is doing a disservice to all people-kind. People need to learn that art is precious, it is more rare then diamonds & gold. 
I have carpel tunnel, I am Epileptic and have this as yet undiagnosed inner ear thing that makes me dizzy a could 60-70% of my awake time.I love that I overcome these drawbacks and still create in spite of it.  A tattoo can wipe my wrists out for weeks and back in the braces they go. I hate asking for money but I have to think, should I save that wrist for someone who will appreciate the heck out of it?
 Not being able to say no even though I am being warned by my friends, that I am being used. I want to help and I love being a part of a team or band where everyone is enthusiastic, but when you are doing hours of work and a guest comes on and gets paid 3 times as much for a lot less work then you put into a production/event, its time to move on before you get bitter.  
#9 Have you ever had a paranormal experience?
Ooof yes, lots. My day err..night job is a tour guide to America’s Most Haunted Nieghbourhood, or at least one of them, Old Louisville , Kentucky. 46 blocks of eclectic Victorian Architecture and just about everyone has a story. One house we go into The Conrad-Caldwell House Museum  is quite active. 
Before that I was a member of the San Francisco Ghost Society but I didn’t experience much in that kind of setting. Now, the Spiritual Masses put on by the Santeria Community in San Francisco…That’s where its at. I went in with my skeptical mind and came out a Medium. I saw folk’s Grandparents, I saw people speak in languages they didn’t even know, I witnessed people transformed in possession. I have been grabbed, shoved and most disconcerting walked through by a dear friend who committed suicide. I believe “alive” and “passed” is just different existences. 
Elegua key-fob.

#10 What is your motivation? Drives you,what do you believe,what are you fighting against or for?
I have been told that the basis for my obsessive nature is a drive, a need, for acceptance. I appreciate the self esteem you receive for completing what was just an idea in my head and is now in my hands. The feeling you get when you experience a breakthrough in your technique. There is so much around me inspiring me,challenging me and cheering me on. 
In modeling, when another woman would tell me I inspired her to accept her body because I looked confident and accepted mine, that inspires me and makes me feel like putting myself out there and sharing what I like and do is doing some good for the world.

#11 What type of Situation did you grow up in? 
Lots of siblings, cousins that I love that we can stay in contact. 
This is a hard question to answer. I experienced abuse and blessings.Not always in equal parts.

#12 Have you ever had to deal with somebody copying your art work,and if so how did you deal with it?
I’ve had things I did in performances ripped off: One artist admitted to it that they used it as a gimmick and I thought” what an expensive gimmick” , to go out and buy an instrument that I took so seriously. They toured the world with that gimmick they saw me do in a fetish club, I don’t think they saw me perform with the theremin in Venus Bleeding. In a convo they admitted it and sent a lot of work my way and helped make my dreams come true hooking up great modeling gigs for pics in the mags. They are hundred times more popular then me, really didn’t need the gimmick,but maybe like being a front person, sometimes you feel kinda naked and feel like you need to occupy yourself, at least I’ve fell like that. That bandmate gets to hit a drum, or gets to stand behind something, even if its just for a breakdown, maybe it helped them with that too . The experience inspired and challenged me and I just keep practicing so I can be good at that instrument and not have an expensive toy for the novelty. It was more an insight on being an artist and her honesty that I appreciated.I lucked out
In the tattoo world there was this practicing flash thing to learn in the traditional American, Japanese and etc.style which our mentors did put their own spins on.., you are replicating like an indelible zerox machine , transferring other’s images to skin. When you do custom work …that’s downright spiritual and scary and an ultimate compliment.

#13 What was the most terrifying moment of your life?
When I OD’d as a teen and my friend brought me back. As adult :having a baby. I came through both events, I made it, phew!

~ by Ugly Shyla on October 13, 2013.

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