Marie Laveau and American Horror Story

I love American Horror Story.The latest one is set in Louisiana and I’m enjoying it so far.I just wish the accents were a little better,they are so off at times it’s hard for me to follow the story if I miss something,since accents immediately tell you were a character is supposed to be from.”Marie Laveau’s” accent in thr show sounds Caribbean,which in reality she was Creole so she would have sounded like my grandma. But maybe a Cajun accent and Louisiana accents are hard to learn,Plus it’s ENTERTAINMENT.So I cut it allot of slack.One of the kind of villains in the show is Marie Laveau.I practice voodoo *and am of Cajun and Creole decent* and will admit from a outside perspective our religion is very interesting and make a great basis for fiction ect.But I suggest if you enjoy the show you read up on Marie Laveau,she actually did allot of very good and almost saintly work.She nursed people sick with yellow fever,would visit prisoners and do allot of the good works we are all taught we should do.But unfortunately allot of voodoo and santeria based fiction overlooks that.She was also a Creole who did allot of stuff that no woman of mixed race would have even dared to try and accomplish.Hell a woman in general back then wouldn’t have attempted the things she succeeded in doing.Such as having her own business and being self supporting.Like I said if you enjoy American Horror Story I highly suggest you read up on Marie and you maybe be pleasantly surprised.

~ by Ugly Shyla on October 21, 2013.

2 Responses to “Marie Laveau and American Horror Story”

  1. I love this season to, I will read more about Marie. I had no idea some characters was based of real people.

  2. My problem is that Marie Laveau was nothing like Angela Basset and would not do the things or talk the way she does. N’Oleans is not there – no food, music, art, scenery. I am offended by the racism. Obviously the producers did NOTHING to figure out how to work in such a beautiful and historically significant city. Did they even film there? I don’t think I’m interested anymore.

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