We don’t hit….

It seems like the past few years people males are more openly aggressive towards female artist.It really makes me wonder about the whole “we are evolving thing”.I was telling Jim that for some weird reason the nutty people that usually harass or attempt to threaten me 99.9% of the time are males.Which I do not understand one bit.And when me and jim went to see the Courtney Love show months back.Somebody who we were pretty sure was one of the male show goers threw a big ass full can of beer at her.It hit her in the arm/breast area,which I thought was very shocking.I have been to several Murder Junkies shows and I never saw somebody do something like that,but then again it’s a all male band.I don’t care what somebody thinks of of Courtney Love,she’s still FEMALE,she’s not a chunky or stocky person so getting a beer can whipped at you when you are that size can’t be fun,she’s in her late 40’s and she’s somebody’s mom.Why would somebody pay like 30.00 to get into a show and then try and hurt the female singer.It’s kind of disturbing to see that behavior towards a woman that the aggressor doesn’t personally know.I personally don’t like Miley Cyrus or Lady Gaga as artist.I don’t know them as people.I’m not a big fan of any kind of pop music machine type of music.But I do not know them as people they could be perfectly nice women.And even if I don’t like their music or what they stand for, I can not for the life of me fathom saying I’d like to hit them with something.And again both of them are small woman so I sure as hell can’t imagine want to hit them with a big ass full can of cheap beer.Hell if I was standing somewhere and somebody with in my arms reach whipped something like a can of beer at them, I’d knock the piss out of the person doing it especially if it was a male.Just the instinct of trying to protect another female would click on in my head.I don’t know if some men are just out of touch with the fact that just because a woman is a artist or on stage she is still a person,or what.But it’s scary.

~ by Ugly Shyla on October 22, 2013.

One Response to “We don’t hit….”

  1. I agree with you….and I love Courtney Love and Lady G as well….not so keen on Miley. But I would not dream that anyone has the right to attack them with tins or anything at all actually. If people do not like a particular artist, why do they go? And men certainly have extra responsibility not to be aggressive like that.

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