“Oh it’s just trolling.”

“Oh it’s just trolling.” This is a great article about the difference between trolling and hate speech online.I think if people stopped just saying “Oh it’s just trolling” about things online like racist comments or threatening to rape women they don’t agree with allot of that mess would stop.Even I have had people threatening me with rape because they didn’t agree with something I said or me telling them to piss off because I’m tired of their crazy crap online.I have also had people make racist comments at me AFTER I have told them I’m mixed and that kind of crap isn’t welcome. Using things like the N word or rape threats is totally uncalled for but if you say use the N word at somebody that has told you they are mixed with black or making a rape threat against a woman is way to far with mess,and it’s something that shouldn’t be said in the first place. http://voices.suntimes.com/early-and-often/backtalk/stop-using-the-word-trolling-when-what-you-really-mean-is-hate-speech/ 

Ugly Shyla


~ by Ugly Shyla on November 7, 2013.

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