I’m being harassed by this person.

I posted this on my tumblr in Oct.But I’m posting it here since I can’t categorize things can can’t find it as quick as I’d like.So this isn’t something new it’s just so I can find it more easily.Like I said this is from Oct 2013 so it’s a few months old.It’s not new harassment.And thankfully I haven’t dealt with in person harassment or violence from them yet.But like I said I have filed a police report since they live in the same town as me and am just posting this where I can find it.

I’m being harassed by this person since June.I’m posting this screen cap from his instagram http://instagram.com/cuse666 just to document that this person is harassing me,and also harassing me because he’s a skinhead and it’s well known I’m of mixed heritage and race.Like I said I had issues with him in June I blocked them off my fb and had no further contact with him.Fast forward to now *Oct 22 2013* bitching about me to other skinheads.He lives here in Austin so just in case something happens to me or Jim,like we get assaulted or harassed I want this documented.They are from San Ant and now live in Austin the same town I live in.
In JUNE I posted a message asking my friends who was going to a Murder Junkies show at Infest in Austin.And this person just flipped out,started making veiled threats at me,jim and even my friend Angela  who is also female and a mom to a young kid. I politely asked them to go away and they just kept being crazy,come to find he works at Infest in Austin as a booker and stager manager *or so he says*.Like I said he’s a total stranger and was posting the N word and swastika’s all over my page on facebook.On some profile named Sadie N Cuse Rot,I think it’s a shared profile with his wife. Now freaking Oct and he somehow found my instagram and is tagging me in old GG Allin records with swastikas on it,using that as a excuse to keep harassing me with swastika pics.And telling other people how I said he was a skinhead.He has he’s a skinhead on HIS PROFILE!There are other skinheads on his post he tagged me in to try and harass me saying skinhead and nazi related crap.And I’m not stupid I know there are Sharps *non-racist skinheads*.I asked him if he was a Sharp and he told me “sharps are chumps”.I’m not dumb and can put 2 and 2 together.
He’s posted swastikas on my page and the N word ect.Even though I’m of mixed heritage I never in my life would have thought that as Caucasian looking as I am that I’d have to deal with having a skin head harassing me.
So long story short I’m just posting this in case I get assaulted or harassed over this STRANGER’S fixation with me.
Link to info on racial harassment http://www.eeoc.gov/laws/types/race_color.cfm

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~ by Ugly Shyla on November 12, 2013.

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