Erzulie Dator altar piece

Erzulie Dator altar piece I just finished.
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Ugly Shyla
TITLE: Ezili Dantor,Voodoo Godess Loa Mixed Media Assemblage
MEDIUM: A antique plaster madonna and child,found objects,a doll,blue and red beads,chiffon,satin,vintage jewelry,rhinestones,paint,wire,thread,sequins,a small doll and chiffon hand made flowers with blue cultured pearl centers.At the top of her halo are blood red beads to symbolize her blood and there are also blue beads on the piece to symbolize her tears.The face of the piece even has the facial scars of Ezili.
MEASUREMENTS: 24 X 18 inches.Also check out the last photo in the listing.The art shot has my hand in it so you can get a idea of the scale of the piece.
NOTE:This piece is of course one of a kind.The assemblage is meant to hang on a wall.There is a wire on the back of the piece for ease of hanging.
I’m practice voodoo and am from Louisiana,so this piece so it’s made with the proper colors and items that are sacred to Ezili Dantor.Because of that it’s suitable as a altar item.

About Ezili Dantor:
From the Roots Without End website.
Erzulie Dantor is a Petro lwa, and she is one of the most widely served lwa in the Petro group. She is fiercely protective of those who serve her. She can be aggressive toward outsiders and dangerous to enemies, but she is sweet as honey to her children. Magical ability and material wealth are both in her power to grant. She is invoked to grant these things, and also to avenge wrongs done to those who serve her. Women invoke her in cases of domestic violence, and Dantor is widely considered the patron lwa of lesbian women. Yet heterosexual women, and all men, serve her assiduously as well, for the sake of the protection she grants them.

About Me:
I am a published and exhibited doll artist.
Ugly Art Dolls have been displayed in galleries, art shows and in the St. Elizabeth’s Doll Museum; my dolls have also have been featured in print, in magazines such as Bizarre, Lollipop, SPIN,Swag Huffington Post,Etsy’s Keep It Weird blog and Haute Macabre.

My art dolls have also been photographed in John Santerineross’ photography book, “Dream.” Ugly Art Dolls have also been used as photo props by Kattaryna Breaux, Caleb Storms, The Joker/Razorblade Grin, and Saryn Angel.They have also been seen on ABC,MSNBC,CBS and other major news stations when I was interviewed about my famous painting Squirrel Winkelhimer Smith.

My main inspiration for my art dolls and other art is drawn from imagery captured within my dreams,and my artwork is also influenced by religious,spiritual and occult imagery.

My dolls are what is known as fine art dolls; they are not children’s toys. Some of the subject matter dealt with in my work is very serious, and the dolls are also too delicate to be handled by small children.

As well as a professional doll artist, I’m a established alternative model, modeling extensively for photographers such as Steve Diet Goedde, Lithium Picnic and John Santerineross.

I’m also squirrel momma to the famous painting squirrel Winkelhimer Smith.
Ugly Shyla

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