IWA PELE (good character)

As allot of folks know like allot of Louisiana people I practice Voodoo.It seems even in this day and age people still think of Voodoo and Santeria as “evil” or “satanic” practices .This is all kinds of wrong.One of the perfect examples of that is the concept of “Iwa-Pele” aka good character.It sort of the Voodoo or Santeria version of the Golden Rule.We believe that one’s Motivation should be to obtain Iwa-Pele,everything you do or do to others should help you build “Iwa-Pele” aka good character.I hope this clears things up for allot of people.
From the website: http://www.assatashakur.org/forum/traditional/135-iwa-pele-gentle-character.html
Good Character
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Odu IFA (the Holy African scripture of the Yoruba) SAYS:

Perform truthfulness, perform righteousness,
Perform kindness, avoid wickedness,
Perform the truth, perform righteousness;
Is the one that IMALE supports.

Who is IMALE except OLODUMARE (GOD).

In Eji Ogbe
IFA says:

I behave as my GOD creates me.
I do good always, I am honest, too.
I do no evil,
Neither do I harbor evil thoughts;
L’est I die wretched.
This is because
Whatever we initiate in our youth
Will persist ’til old age.

These are the declarations of the Oracle for
When coming from Heaven to the earth.
OLODUMARE instructed them to do good always.
Only ORUNMILA applied honesty of thought
To overturn all evil machinations.

Ase Ase Ase


The Ancestors connect us to the spirit realm and interceed in our behalf. They guide us through our journey. Because of our Ancestors, many of us have been given a second and third chances to fulfill our destiny. Because of our Ancestors, many of us survive.

The development of IWA PELE (good character) will allow us to, one day, become Ancestors, who can interceed on behalf of those who come after us.

Only elevated spirits carry the Ase needed to elevate a nation and enlighten the world. Having IWA PELE will elevate and enlighten our spirit.”
If you would like more info on the concept of Iwa Pele here are some sites to visit.
and http://ileiwapele.com/?page_id=57



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